Our mission at PLANTS! Is

Glitteringly reborn "good things" from all over Japan so that they are healthier and more environmentally friendly and can be passed down to the next generation.

By producing familiar tastes and local foods in the world with Vegan Label, we will connect "producers / regions that produce good products" and "the future era with the important theme of health and global environment" and add value. We are developing and selling products with the theme of giving it to the next generation.


Produced by Fourmi Solutions

A trading company that has an international track record and is widely active under the mission of discovering the value of "bargains" = "delicious but hard to get in the sun" all over Japan and delivering them to consumers.

Advisory Chiba Meiyumi

A veggie food producer who learns about health from food and lifestyle, gains experience at organic cafes, etc., and works on the mission of "connecting Japanese tradition and natural vegan food to the future". Presided over Tokyo Smile Veggies. From a vegan-friendly perspective, he is in charge of supervising and promoting raw materials for products produced by PLANTS !.

Official site Vege Miyu

Art Director Eriko Terada

A designer who studied art and design in London, and after returning to Japan, is consistently involved in product photography, illustration production, and design, focusing on the food scene. Involved in each project from the perspective of branding, valuing "to convey the power of the product properly and attractively". In charge of art direction for PLANTS !.

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