PREMIUM SUNCHOKES | About our Jerusalem artichoke


Premium Jerusalem artichoke's commitment

PLANTS!'S premium Jerusalem artichoke begins with soil improvement to produce Jerusalem artichoke.

Jerusalem artichoke is said to be a crop that grows anywhere and can be grown without any effort. But

"In order to continue eating high quality and delicious Jerusalem artichokes, we must make Jerusalem artichokes that have no earthy odor and are sweet and crispy." Jerusalem artichokes are effective. It's amazing, so it can't be helped if it's not delicious, but it's important for the producers to continue eating by providing sweet and delicious Jerusalem artichokes. "


An oversized beautiful red Jerusalem artichoke that does not fit in the palm. Even this is a medium size.

Deliciousness original manufacturing method

The Jerusalem artichoke series produced by PLANTS! Is commercialized after being squeezed with Jerusalem artichoke in order to further increase the added value of sweet and delicious Jerusalem artichoke. The sweetness was increased by the simmering, and the taste was finished with a deep taste.

Producer's words

Japan is said to be a country of longevity, but how many people have "healthy longevity" who say that they can do their own things without falling asleep?

Before I was involved in agriculture, I happened to have a qualification as a preventive medicine instructor, which made me think of the word "healthy longevity" every day.

Jerusalem artichokes are linked to the desire to provide "food" for pre-illness and prevention so that as many people as possible can live a healthy and long life.


Lake Tazawa at harvest time

A nice point of the miraculous natural superfood, "Natural blessing medicine"!
  • For daily health management | Jerusalem artichoke power with strong vitality is also called anti-cancer vegetable
  • Beautiful intestinal effect | Natural oligosaccharides and plenty of dietary fiber regulate the intestinal environment
  • For those who can't stop sweets | Inulin, which is called natural insulin, suppresses sugar-off and blood sugar level and triglyceride rise
  • Anti-aging | It is said that it also prevents oxidation and saccharification of the body

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