Reborn, with PLANTS!

A nostalgic oyster reborn from plants.

Delicious foods made in various parts of Japan and nostalgic tastes that you can pick up a little.

A health-conscious, low-environmental-based plant-based diet that will become one of the standards in the coming era.

PLANTS! Was born to enjoy these two things at the same time.

Nostalgic and new, delicious and safe.

We will deliver such a snack time.


"Eating candy" made by a candy craftsman, a crispy candy.

A plant-based candy with 50 years of skill that has been kept secret.

Using rice candy and maltose, which do not easily raise blood sugar levels, I was able to make a happy candy for my tired body.

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WHITE THINS Osenbebits!

Parin! A rice cracker from a rice cracker shop with a pleasant texture. Gentle and mellow salt using "Ama salt" with plenty of minerals and umami.

Made with fragrant ingredients that make you want to pick it up in the afternoon when you can't eat.

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Natural superfood, Jerusalem artichoke, is a hot and healthy food.

This inulin-rich vegetable is good for you, both from the inside to the outside. The special Jerusalem artichoke snack cultivated in Akita's unique way of growing is the series that PLANTS! Is putting the most effort into.

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What PLANTS! Wants to deliver

Originally developed recipes are made by Japanese manufacturers and craftsmen without using animal ingredients, additives, or chemical seasonings.

And many are wheat-free.

A healthy, safe, nostalgic and new Japanese treat for those who choose vegan for a variety of reasons, for those who choose gluten-free for the body, and for all those who are cosmetological and health conscious. is.






PLANTS! Kikuimo Collection

Natural superfoods from Akita

PLANTS!'S important raw material, Jerusalem artichoke, arrives from the land of Akita, which is close to Lake Tazawa.

About Jerusalem artichoke of PLANTS!